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VFX / Animation

As a leading International Visual Effects Recruiting and Staffing Agency, we’ve been delivering the brightest VFX talent to the industry for over a decade.

Genesis Global Recruiting specializes in identifying preeminent VFX and Animation talent for major feature films (both live action and CG animation), award-winning Television Series, Commercials and Themed Entertainment. With over 15 years of experience, Genesis Global Recruiting knows how to quickly provide your studio with the best Production Artists, Technical Directors, Software Engineers, VFX Producers and Directors in the Industry. We hire for all positions within VFX and Animation Pipeline, including every Creative and Technical position as well as Production, Supervisory and Executive roles. We cover it all from concept to post production.

We represent industry-leading Visual Effects Supervisors, Visual Effects Producers, Compositors, 3D Artists, Technical Directors, Matte Painters, Visual Effects Designers and many artists who are highly skilled in all fields related to VFX. We recruit for both freelance and permanent positions.

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