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Genesis Human Resource Research Services – Competitive Human Resource Intelligence or Name-Generation Research

Our programs provide you cost effective alternatives to traditional recruiting methods (% of salary or  advertising)  We discuss your needs and assist you in determining the type of talent that you need for a particular  position.  We work with you to choose companies to source  and contact as well as doing primary research that identifies companies or organizations where that talent is located. Our goal is to recommend alternative methods for you to obtain candidates.   In addition, we attempt to provide you with unique cost effective recruiting solutions that meet your hiring needs and budget.  We can help you with your difficult staffing projects.  Our services offer you a wide variety of hourly and fixed-fee project solutions to choose from and can be easily customized to your staffing needs.  The services that best fit your needs will vary based upon the your work load, type of position you are recruiting, your hiring manager’s preferences and your time restrictions to fill a job.

Name Generation

Finding qualified people is often a challenge, especially if your open position requires unique job skills or experience. Recruitment Research, often referred to as “name generation”, is the most comprehensive approach to filling these unique employment needs. Through our custom research services, Genesis Global can identify the people at specific companies who possess the desired functional skills. This approach is most effective when you have fairly specific job requirements that cannot be filled with conventional recruiting methods, such as advertisements, referral programs and job fairs.

Let us make the cold calls for you. Recruiters know how difficult and time consuming it is to reach and recruit potential candidates on the phone – especially when engaged in passive candidate recruiting. Let us save you time and frustration in generating candidates for your position.

Outsourcing candidate development activity is in increasing demand, as candidates with specialized skill sets are so heavily recruited that they rarely return recruiters’ calls. Our staff of profilers is both persistent & cordial as they engage potential candidates, and fill our clients’ pipeline with a steady flow of candidates. These recruiters are dedicated solely to the profiling of candidates for our clients. They are highly trained and can present your job opportunities in a professional and technically competent manner.

Our First Contact Services can maximize the effectiveness of your search by:

  • Presenting your job opportunity and compelling reasons why someone should consider joining your company.
  • Screening candidates for suitability based on your technical criteria.
  • Determining educational background, current position, areas of expertise, years of experience and salary requirements.
  • Obtaining current resumes when available.
  • Soliciting direct contact information including direct dial, home number, cell phone number, and e-mail address.
  • Presenting your position professionally and discreetly

The Process

The first stage of our process is to analyze the job requirements of your position(s) and develop a target list of companies to research. We have specialized research tools that enable us to provide you with a potential list of companies where the people with your required skill sets reside.

Our expertise is applied to ensure that the final target companies selected are the most likely to yield interested candidates, which may depend on a number of factors, such as reorganizations, market shifts, company stock prices, and industry acquisitions.

Once the target company or companies have been agreed upon, we begin conducting our research through which we then identify the specific individuals from the selected target companies who possess the required skills you seek. The turnaround time for delivery of the final product on each project varies according to complexity and scope; however the vast majority of projects are completed within 5-15 working days.

The Cost

Our research fees are discussed and mutually agreed upon before any project begins, allowing our clients to establish cost parameters in advance. Research is estimated and budgeted prior to the initiation of the search, and is based primarily on the number of passive candidates desired, the size of the groups or companies being researched or organizations being mapped out. Other factors may apply when research requests have needs that fall outside of our standard cost parameters.

We fully guarantee the accuracy of our research results.

Competitor Intelligence

Successful companies today recognize the importance of knowing what their competitors are doing. Our Tactical Intelligence products provide the critical information our clients require for the near term planning and decision making essential for creating and maintaining competitive advantage.

Tactical Intelligence is a subset of the overall Competitive Intelligence (CI) world which includes the mapping of company departments and divisions, and much more. It is the collection and analysis of the essential information required when planning strategic recruiting efforts, developing and maintaining the most effective sales process, and for obtaining the invaluable insights gained when conducting organizational benchmarking against a company’s competitors and/or partners. benchmarking against a company’s competitors and/or partners.

Genesis Global has been providing focused Tactical Intelligence research to clients for over 10 years.

We can assist you with:

  • Organizational benchmarking
  • Strategic recruiting initiatives
  • Mapping a competitor’s organization for specific titles, functions, divisions, geographies, headcounts, and product lines, or identifying specific department and group leaders along with contact information and surrounding reporting structure
  • Compensation packages of competitors

Some companies largely rely on the internet and other easily accessible information sources, however, such readily available data rarely leads to game changing insights and always carries the risk of deliberate misinformation. Genesis Global  is a respected leader in the field of what has been called Primary Research, CI, and other terms, as the industry has evolved. At the core however, has always been a focus on human intelligence, which refers to data collected directly from an individual. Our clients have come to rely on the information we provide, because we obtain our results directly from the relevant stakeholders and other individuals who have the answers our clients seek. This method provides the current and essential details for the critical near term decision making that is crucial for maintaining competitive advantage in today’s rapidly changing world.

Custom Projects

We can help you create and then execute any informational needs your organization might have

Competitive and market intelligence research utilizes a range of information sources, which include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Industry interviews
  • Corporate knowledge
  • Library research
  • Trade Journals
  • Professional databases
  • Market surveys
  • Government records
  • Embassies/Consulates
  • Annual reports
  • News releases
  • Academic resources
  • Internet searches
  • Discreet, Direct Call-in Sourcing
  • Inferential analysis

For more information, please contact us directly.

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