Direct Hiring Management


Genesis-Global Workforce Solutions provides Direct Hire Placement on either a contingency or retained search basis, for Professionals at all levels.

Our Vertical Approach


Many staffing organizations will assign a recruiter to your account and expect them to be responsible to fill all your open positions. This practice typically leads to competition for the same talent within an organization and affects the quality of the candidates, which ultimately leads to unreasonable time to fill statistics, or worse, a poor hire. If you have multiple open positions across several departments our process aligns our customers with a team who has a functional knowledge of the positions you seek to fill. We will assign a lead recruiter to your account and they will assess each position and ensure we assign the open requisition to the recruiter with the vocation required to deliver a qualified candidate slate. With our vertical approach to recruiting and enterprise sourcing system, Genesis Global Workforce Solutions can deliver qualified, available and interested candidates in a timely and cost effective manner.


Reduce Costs

With our approach we have been able to reduce the high costs of recruiting fees.

Understand the Market

We evaluate the position and gain an understanding of the demographics and research investment.

Obtain a Flat Fee

We structure a flat fee based on the complexities and redundancy of the position.

Get Qualified Candidates

We offer nationwide placement within a multitude of various industries and a variety of different levels of positions.