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Genesis Global Workforce Solutions offers a detailed and experienced understanding of each business, technical and creative function relevant to the broadcasting and media industries across multiple media platforms.


We have a group of executive search and staffing professionals specializing in the placement of professionals throughout Digital Distribution / New Media / Mobile industries.

Genesis Global Workforce Solutions provides recruitment services to major TV networks, radio networks, cable TV networks, regional networks, advertising agencies, satellite networks, MSO’s, broadband providers, telecommunications companies, place based networks, public broadcasters, government entities, ISP’s, digital content providers and distributors, motion picture studios, multinational media and entertainment conglomerates, music distributors/publishers, CLEC’s, print publishers and major domestic and international non-media based corporations enhancing or initiating their own internal media resources.

We encourage new clients to browse through each practice group corresponding to their current needs or experience. These practice groups can be combined as essential determinants prior to identification, recruitment, assessment and attraction. Tactical and strategic autonomy requirements vary based on the level of the search being conducted. Media, digital and traditional broadcasting industry profiles are provided.

A compilation of skill groups are utilized based on the structure of the client company and the required tactical and strategic responsibilities of the desired executive. We encourage clients to pose questions pertaining to our practice areas to understand the firm’s specialized media and broadcasting recruitment acumen.

A firm’s culture, reporting matrixes, business goals and markets are factors utilized in concert with the skills and experience a media executive brings forward. Every search is unique and many variables are involved. An executive having experience in the areas below is just one factor in the identification, recruitment, screening and attraction and retention of qualified media executives.

Broadband, Wireless, Digital Distribution, HD Integration, Development and Compliance.

Genesis Global Recruiting, Inc. facilitates initial build-out, maintenance, development, integration, distribution, new revenue stream establishment and FCC mandated compliance. This environment is for those seeking executives from within traditional and convergent digital media environments.

Our ability to keep pace with technology, FCC mandates, spectrum allocations and legislative initiatives enables Genesis Global Recruiting, Inc. to play a vital role to those who choose to successfully implement and enhance “convergence”. Intelligent technologically savvy executives formulate many new delivery ideas but turning those ideas into viable revenue streams may require new skill sets, operational protocols or change managers. Our understanding of implementing media technologies tactically and strategically is another benefit and advantage enjoyed by clients utilizing us based on highly specialized media specific executive search capabilities in each practice group. From CXO to New Business Development to Chief Engineer our firm is capable of discerning the proper experience and skills to manage people and systems for current and future media platforms and broadcasting technologies.

We understand the synergies, codependency and convergent tactical and strategic requirements to integrate On-Air, Interactive, Wireless, Print and Place Based media properties.

Our firm has identified every level of executive, experience and skill set required to assure the interoperability and monetization of coupled and stand-alone legacy and digital media properties.

In the coming year we expect greater returns for those who retain Genesis Global Recruiting, Inc. and create increased cross platform accessibility to their audiences and verifiable accountability and transparency to their clients and advertising agencies through enhanced digital media metrics and analytics.

Genesis Global Recruiting, Inc. is recommending that the clients of our firm lower future employment costs by eliminating redundancy by centralizing resources that are cross-platform functional and take the same approach to succession planning.

Opportunities still exist to attract assets below what the market will demand in the coming year due to current conditions. We suggest that clients position themselves for execrated growth in the first quarter of the coming year.

As compensation becomes more relative to revenue in these business groups many media entities will be vying for a smaller pool of staff due to dilution across genres and platforms; it is increasingly important that clients position their long term interests while the market still offers value.

Sales Operations, Sales Planning, Advertising Sales, Product Sales, Traffic, Inventory, Production, Post Production, Operations, Marketing, Affiliate Relations, Digital Ad Networks and Financial Reporting will need to make the required changes to keep pace with demand or lose market share at an accelerated rate.

Media firms who are not traditional broadcasters but are developing interactive products for online distribution and marketing will find that enhanced skill sets are required to keep pace with technology and production standards on the platforms they will be competing on.

Our company identifies, recruits and attracts convergent media executives who facilitate digital business goals tactically and strategically. Searches are conducted for regional, national and international markets.

Genesis Global Recruiting, Inc. offers numerous benefits and advantages to clients of the firm.

  • Focus – An environment dedicated exclusively to broadcasting and related broadcast media on multiple platforms.
  • Acumen – A comprehensive understanding of skills, relationships, reporting structures and the diverse corporate cultures in the media industries.
  • Specialization – Detailed knowledge of every business, creative and technical function in the industry from a tactical and strategic perspective
  • Experience – 10 years of media recruitment experience
  • Scope – From CEO to Manager. Every search is treated with the same dedication and resources.
  • Pricing – Based on the firm’s resources and media experience clients enjoy costs that reflect repetitive identification in each practice group.
  • Expeditious – Based on modality, reputation and industry understanding the firm quickly identifies, recruits, qualifies and attracts ideal candidates. The firm accomplishes more in a few weeks than most search firms accomplish in many months. The firm is aggressive, knowledgeable, conscientious and quick to create multiple opportunities that facilitate success. We do not bill clients for expenses or professional services in a manner that would make it advantageous to extend the search process.
  • Reputation – Inclusive searches offering diverse candidates from an extensive pool of comprehensive data, O&D charting, industry contacts, visibility, a known reputation and proven efficacy.
  • Transparency – Clients receive real-time access to deliverables and each search ecology through the firm’s proprietary SEIT system regardless of geographic and time differences. The pace and nuance of a search can be as collaborative or autonomous as each client requires.

Modality – Genesis Global Recruiting, Inc.’s Search Methodologies.

  • Business, creative and technical goal determinations
  • Tactical, strategic, cultural, change management and succession issues
  • Time lines
  • Consensus for formulation of skill sets and experience for search document
  • Initial universe compilation
  • Recruitment of candidates for tiering
  • Qualification assessments
  • Attraction of candidates
  • Candidate justification procedures
  • Tiering of candidates
  • Client interviews, internal assessments and justification reviews
  • Client and Genesis Global Recruiting, Inc. confer to determine ideal(s)
  • Documented verification of background, education and experience
  • Hiring terms, contract negotiations and or relocation finalization
  • Formal offer
  • Acceptance
  • Acclimation assessment

Genesis Global Recruiting, Inc. offers a flexible, hassle-free and scalable suite of services through one of our many companies.

Our services offer you solutions for:

  • Direct-Hire Management on a retained or contingency basis
  • Temporary and Temporary-to-Hire Management
  • Consultant Management
  • SOW Project-Based Management
  • Payroll Services
  • Managed Services (MSP)
  • Vendor Management Services
  • Competitive Market Research (e.g., name generation, job description, pay rate monitoring)

Below is a sample list of job opening that Genesis Global Recruiting, Inc. has successfully fulfilled on either a contract or permanent basis:

  • SVP Digital Media Sales
  • Digital Sales Representative
  • Senior Vice President, Digital Distribution
  • Senior Director Digital Video Distribution
  • Manager, Digital Content and Distribution
  • Digital Strategy Director, Distribution
  • Director of Sales, New Media
  • Manager, Product Development
  • Media Archive Specialist
  • VP Business Development, Wireless Entertainment
  • Senior Project Manager, Mobile Gaming

Genesis Global Recruiting, Inc.understands the need for companies to have a diverse workforce. We place a strong emphasis on diversity recruitment for our clients.  We will be a company that will set a precedent of high quality service and commitment to your staffing needs.

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