The firm has conducted numerous worldwide searches on behalf of major corporations encompassing the areas of television, film, cable, video, music, radio, theme parks, electronic publishing, interactive technology and online services.


We have recruited a multitude of individuals in “traditional” entertainment positions within the film, television, cable, radio, home video and music communities, as well as in the sports and recreation arena. We are efficient, effective and results oriented. Our entire firm operates as a team becoming involved in all searches. This enables us to quickly canvass all relevant industries, source a broad range of contacts, and recruit the best and brightest available talent. Our Entertainment recruiters are dedicated members of the industry, many are involved with CTAM, NATPE, MIP, CES, etc, the type of organizations where you get tapped into top talent within the Entertainment Industry.

Our Services Offer You Solutions For.

Genesis Global provides Direct Hire Placement on either a contingency or retained search basis, for professionals at all levels. You can choose either option, whichever one most fits your needs. Most of our clients eventually choose the retained search agreement, because of the overall better value proposition.

  • Direct-Hire Management on a retained or contingency basis
  • Temporary and Temporary-to-Hire Management
  • Consultant Management
  • SOW Project-Based Management
  • Payroll Services
  • Managed Services (MSP)
  • Vendor Management Services
  • Competitive Market Research (e.g., name generation, job description, pay rate monitoring)

Our Placement & Staffing Process.

Often, the most ignored factor in selecting a search firm is its service. As a client, you will receive ongoing status reports and updates. We deal with every aspect of the recruiting process from sticky logistics to relocation jitters to salary negotiations, references and beyond. As a recruited candidate, you will receive a position description, company information when available, and an evaluation of your suitability for the position. It is our credo that anyone we come in contact with on behalf of our clients will come away from the recruiting experience with a positive feeling about our attitude and professionalism.

During the course of a search assignment and on behalf of our valued corporate clients, we follow specific procedures, which our years of experience have proven successful in locating and evaluating the most qualified candidates for your positions.

Position Description.

After careful analysis of your needs, we define the job responsibilities and desired characteristics of the ideal finalist for the position. The resulting position description serves to guide our research activities and evaluation of candidates. It also provides pertinent information to potential candidates and ensures a mutual understanding of the job’s requirements.


For each assignment we create a strategy for the hunt. We target executives from our extensive database accumulated from over 11 years of recruiting and conduct original research that involves targeting companies and executives from a broad range of disciplines that match the client’s required specifications. Based upon our thorough knowledge of the business, we contact a wide range of potential candidates and sources, describing only the job we are seeking to fill, while maintaining complete confidentiality, as required.

Candidate Interviews.

Suitable candidates are interviewed in-depth, typically by more than one member of our search team. This enables us to evaluate each candidate’s qualifications, chemistry match, personality, presence and overall adaptability to the job.

Candidate Reports.

We provide verbal and written career information on candidates presented, as well as our assessments of each person’s suitability for the position.

Client Interviews.

After we have reviewed the recommended candidates with you, we then arrange meetings for you with the individuals whom you choose to interview. When you have selected the finalist to whom you wish to make an offer, we are available, to the extent you so desire, as your intermediary in the negotiations. However, the selection of the finalist and the form and extension of the offer are always your ultimate determination.

Reference Checks.

We provide confidential written references on the finalists. These references summarize information provided by third parties who are, or have been, in a position to evaluate a candidate professionally and personally. Because most individuals who become candidates in a search are not actively seeking an outside opportunity and have been approached by Genesis Global Entertainment Division the search team, it is important to protect the candidates’ confidentiality. Therefore, in-depth reference checks are conducted only after you have indicated strong interest in a particular individual. Informal checks, however, are made throughout the course of the evaluation process. We also routinely verify each candidate’s educational credentials.

Employer & Agency of Record.

To make the management of consultants as easy as possible, Genesis Global provides complete Employer of Record Services. This is a simple, cost-effective way for you to work with individual consultants and staffing agencies that are not approved vendors or who may be unable to meet your company’s vendor requirements.

These services help our clients ensure compliance with state and Federal tax regulations in the use of temporary professional contractors. We have been successfully providing services to client companies and individual consultants since 1999. We offer a client-oriented approach, working together with management to set up low cost, effective and standardized companywide programs.

Genesis Global Payrolling Services and/or Vendor Management Services for Independent Contractors that can be used throughout the company wherever contractors are engaged and a 3rd Party Agency is needed to represent them. We can act as the Employer of Record or as the Agency of Record. We are nationwide. Your company may not want to pay contractors directly, but instead use 1099 payrolling services or Corp to Corp engagements (Accounting & Finance, IT, Recruiting/HR Departments are usually have a strong need for these type of engagements).

More and more frequently, companies are asking their direct contractors (those without an agency) to bill through a separate financial service (3rd party or umbrella services). With complicated and frequently changing federal and state tax regulations, companies prefer to be protected from Federal and state audits and have the classification and payment of their contractors through a pass-through service. Additionally, Accounts Payable would prefer fewer invoices and checks to process.

We have developed our Pass thru Program to provide a comprehensive and cost efficient way to determine the classification of independent contractor or contract employee status and Exempt and Non-exempt hourly labor rates (overtime) for W-2 contractors. We have over 11 years experience in the industry and provide knowledgeable services to our contractors and clients.

Our payroll solution for our clients combines payroll management tools with accurate payroll processing, tax preparation, direct deposit, and other vital services.

Since Genesis Global is a certified woman owned staffing and workforce solutions provider, this service will allow our clients to capture diversity credit!

Solutions include:

  • W2 Employee Conversions
  • 1099 Contractor Conversions
  • Corp-to-Corp Processing Conversions
  • Employer of Record

Genesis Global works with independent contractors who prefer to do contracts as hourly or salaried W-2 employees as their Employer of Record. In this role we provide and ensure the following:

  • Employment taxes withheld on a W-2 basis
  • Employee expense reimbursement
  • Bi – Weekly invoices (electronic invoicing available)
  • Comprehensive Employee benefits, reducing co-employment exposure
  • Worker’s Compensation Insurance
  • Risk Management
  • Unemployment Insurance
  • General and Professional Liability Insurance
  • Employee Relations
  • Employment Eligibility Verification (I-9)
  • Background Screening Verification (optional)
  • Drug Testing (optional)
  • Agency of Record

Genesis Global will act as the Agency of Record and provide the following:

  • Master Agreements are in place
  • Contractor Authorizations are in place
  • Bill rates match Authorizations
  • Accurate remittance statement matches timecard hours with invoice hours
  • Accurate billing of overtime for non-exempt employees
  • Document for tax compliance
  • Group multiple billings on one invoice
  • Provide customized reports upon request for usage
  • Eliminate the problems of multiple contractors contacting AP to follow up on payment of their Invoices
  • Compliance – Help to Protect our clients from potentially expensive IRS and EDD penalties, interest and fines

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