Genesis and Denodo

Genesis Global and Denodo have partnered to combine state-of-the art professional services with the industry’s most advanced data virtualization platform to streamline data access in support of the most critical business needs.

Why Genesis and Denodo?

Today, more than ever before, companies need the agility to respond to market changes immediately. These changes can range from adjustments in product offerings to transformations in the way that products or services are delivered.

Unfortunately, one of the biggest obstacles is poorly integrated data, which results in five key challenges:


The inability to support logical data warehouse architecture to support advanced analytics


Unreliable data-as-a-service (DaaS) implementations


Ad-hoc model development, creating inconsistencies across the enterprise


Restrictions to cloud, on-premises, and hybrid data architecture design


Silos within big data implementations

In addition, many companies lack the expertise required to implement trusted business views over disparate data sources, inhibiting their ability to act cohesively in pursuit of their business goals.

Working together, Genesis and Denodo enable companies to overcome each of these challenges, to gain the agility they need to flexibly respond to rapidly changing business needs.

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What Denodo Brings

Denodo is the leader in data virtualization, which offers a modern, highly effective method for integrating data. Rather than replicating data to a central repository, data virtualization provides a real-time, integrated view of the data across myriad heterogeneous sources, and these include on-premises and cloud repositories, and structured or unstructured sources. This approach enables companies to establish modern architectures such as logical data warehouses, which possess many of the characteristics of traditional data warehouses, yet are also capable of supporting modern data sources such as cloud repositories. Companies gain a single view of the truth, and a single point from which to manage security and governance protocols, while leaving all of the source data in its original location. Even when the source data is moved, the data virtualization layer manages such complexities on behalf of the user and any consuming applications, providing real-time access to integrated data, regardless of its location.

What Genesis Brings

Genesis Global (Genesis Professional) is a technology consulting company that helps its clients navigate change. Genesis accelerates their client’s response to the ongoing business disruption, so that the company stays on course. Genesis experts have deep knowledge of modern technology solutions, including the Denodo Platform, Denodo’s advanced data virtualization platform. The Genesis team has delivered projects that meet the goals of the clients in functionality, quality, budget, and time. Genesis provides in-depth experience in both the strategic and tactical areas of today’s technology landscape. Their experience has allowed them to look around corners and provide their clients with a technical advantage to support their business. Genesis begins by working with companies to determine the current state of their information technology architectures. Working from this foundation, Genesis helps companies to define their visions and business goals for data architecture modernization and digital transformation. Genesis works with each company to perform a phased implementation of the new architecture, and then provides development operation support for maximum ongoing success.

Data Virtualization and Data Integration

Centralized, agile, and secure access to any data, anywhere, published to any format, to support all business needs.

Efficiently connect, transform, combine, govern, secure, and publish structured and non-structured data from disparate data sources in a centralized logical data layer without unnecessary physical data movement.

Together, Genesis and Denodo enable companies to:


Move at the speed that the business demands


Integrate data in real time, without replication


Replace complex, ad-hoc integration processes with a single, simplified data-access layer


Manage security and governance across multiple heterogeneous data sources from a single point of control


Leverage expertise and leadership to ensure the maximum possible ongoing success of the new data infrastructure

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Mary E. Bishop
VP Business Development, Genesis Global

Download this Solution Brief in PDF


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